UKC CH Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 100th%, CERF at 11 yrs, OFA Cardiac Normal at 11 yrs

 Obi has far exceeded our expectations as a stud dog and has made a significant impact on the White Shepherd breed all over the world.  Born here at SureFire and chosen as the pick of his litter, Obi was shown and titled to his Championship here in the U.S. and was used successfully as a stud dog, producing many Champion offspring.  He was sold to Europe as a stud dog when he was five years old and lived in Finland and Germany until April of 2010, when he returned to SureFire to live out his retirement.  We are proud to have produced such a wonderful dog and are blessed to have him back with us. 

 A big thank you to Pirjo of Kennel of the Angry Brigades for bringing OBI back to us.

See  Obi's Pedigree

85-90 lbs  and over 26 inches, excellent black pigmentation and a nice white coat.  Obi is the best of two of our most favorite stud dogs (Zorro is his father and Super is his Grandfather), and is our fifth generation of our original SureFire line. He scored in the 90th percentile on his PennHip, meaning that his hips are better than at least 90% of his breed. 

Obi' sire is Zorro, his dam is Gretta, and you can see his littermates on the Gretta x Zorro page.

Obi's grandsire is Super and his granddam is Meko, who is a granddaughter of our foundation female, Chelsey.

See some of Obi's puppies:

Oprah x Obi June 1, 2002      Cira x Obi June 27, 2002     Nala x Obi January 9th, 2003   

Trinity x Obi December 2. 2003       Oprah x Obi April 16, 2004    Nala x Obi August 2004      Meka x Obi 2004      Destiny x Obi 2005


Obi - March 2002

Obi has an excellent, strong ear set, nice white coat and very good pigmentation.


Obi at 1 year of age.


Obi as a puppy.