UKC CH Royal Nala-Pride of SureFire, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 80th 



UKC CH SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 90th

Nala and Obi pups - born January 9th, 2003 - three white males and three white females.

See Purple Collar UKC CH SureFire Cameo Appearance, OFA prelim Good hips, normal elbows, Pennhip 80th% on her page and Red Collar UKC CH pointed SureFire Putting on the Ritz on his page.  

Also see Pink Collar - "Abby" below and on her own website and Yellow Collar - "Reggie",  below at 5 months of age at a show and her own page on Regalwise's Website.


Blue Collar Male - lives in Alaska now.

Green Collar Male "Ace"- lives in Las Vegas now.


Red Collar Male - RITZ, now lives in Canada

Pink Collar Female - "Abbey", lives in Washington


Purple Collar Female - here at SureFire - See Cameo below.

Yellow Collar Female - lives in Kansas with Regalwise Shepherds.


SureFire Cameo Appearance, white female at 10  weeks of age.

Cameo at 4 months of age


Cameo at 5 months

Cameo, again at 5 months - Cameo lives in Finland at Kennel Angry Brigades


Cameo is now a UKC Champion.


Ritz and Cameo at 10 weeks of age.

SureFire Putting on the Ritz at 5 months of age.


Ritz, a longcoated male, at 5 months

Ritz, again a 5 months of age.


Pink Collar Female - SureFire Abaigh of Sunrise

"Abby", owned by Jim and Jean Boyle in Suquamish, Washington


Yellow Collar Female - Regalwise Reggie of SureFire

Reggie is now a UKC Champion

Owned by Ronda Beaupre of Regalwise Shepherds