Trinity, Dam of Puppies


Announcing the litter of Trinity and Obi, whelped December 2nd, 2003

SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi, white male

Obi, Sire of Puppies

 Puppies pictured here at 8 weeks of age...

Silver Sable Male- Adopted


Another of the silver sable male-Adopted

See more pictures of him below - he was Red Collar Silver sable male

Red Collar White Male - Adopted


Black Silver Female - "Tinsel"

Living in California at Silverstar Shepherds

Light Blue Collar White Male-Adopted

Another of Light Blue Collar Male-Adopted


Here are the puppies at 2 weeks of age... and then again at 4 weeks - 4 white males, 3 white females, 2 silver sable males, 1 silver sable female and 1 black/silver female.


Blue Collar Male


Blue Collar Male -Adopted and No Collar Male - also Adopted




Green Collar Male


Pink, No Collar and Green - ALL Adopted


Yellow and Green -BOTH adopted


Light Blue Collar Male


Light Blue Collar Male-Adopted


See another picture of Light Blue

below with No Collar Male

Red Collar Male


Red Collar Male -Adopted

See more of Red below


White Collar Female


Pink Collar Female


Pink Collar Female - Adopted




Orange Collar Female-Adopted


Orange in the front with her littermates


Purple Collar Female

Another of Purple Female

Purple Collar Female - Adopted

No Collar Sable Male-Adopted


No Collar Sable Male - Adopted


No Collar Sable Male and Light Blue Collar Male


Red Collar Sable Male-Adopted


Green, Red Collar Sable and NoCollar Sable


Red Collar Sable Male-Adopted

Yellow Collar Sable Female-Adopted


Pink, Green and Yellow - ALL are Adopted


Yellow Collar Sable Female - Adopted


White Collar Black/silver Female-Adopted


Red Collar white Male -Adopted and White Collar Black/Silver Female - Adopted


Red and White again...


Orange and Purple

Green and Orange

Light Blue and Dark Blue




No Collar and Blue

Blue and Red

Pink, Red and Yellow




Pink and White


White and Yellow




Yellow and Light Blue

Red and Green




More of the Puppies at two weeks of age, eyes just opened...