Announcing the litter of Meka and Obi, born 5-9-04.  Six puppies.  Two dark girls, one longcoated and one normal coated, that will be marked like their mother and four white boys, like their father.  BOJANGLES , a white longcoated male will be going to Finland.

SureFire Meka Moose, OFA Elbows, Pennhip 90th %

Meka is a black/cream/silver saddle marked female

UKC CH SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 90th %

Obi is an all white male with black pigment

Here are the puppies at 5 weeks of age...

Pink Girl is sold - "Moe"


Moe is living in Washington in a pet home


Green Boy is now called BoJangles or "Ponu"


See BoJangles on his own page - link above. He is living in Finland

SureFire Return of the King, is now living in Holland


King is a plush coat

Purple Girl is living in Vancouver, WA and is named Zenzi


Light Blue Boy is living in Colorado


Red Boy is living in Kansas