SureFire Trinity of Goldfield

OFA Prelim Hips/elbows, PennHip 80th percentile

 Bred by Goldfield Shepherds.  Previously owned by SureFire.  Trinity's sire is SureFire's breeding - Adante (Meko x Kiev)

Trinity is our 4th generation of SureFire dogs.

24 1/2 " and 85 lbs, Trinity is a calm, large boned, heavy bodied, silver sable female.

See Trinity's Pedigree.      Trinity produced three litters for us here at SureFire.

Trinity x Obi       Trinity x Zeke    Trinity x Super


October of 2004

December 2003 with Obi's puppies


May 2005

April 2003



CJ and Trinity as puppies