Moe and BoJangles are sister and brother from the Meka x Obi litter of May 9th, 2004.  They are both longcoated pups, but are not a heavy longcoat, they have longer hair around the face and ears and only moderately long hair on the body.  As young pups they were quite fluffy, losing some of the fluff when 4-6 months, only to get it back at maturity.  These pups have very good structure and their movement is excellent.  Bo lives in Finland and Moe has a home here on the West Coast. Both sire and dam are Pennhipped with 90th % results.

Bo (Ponu) in Finland at maturity






Bo (Ponu) in Finland


Moe at 5 months


BoJangles at 5 months


Moe and Boss


Moe, Zeus and BoJangles


Doc and Moe (they have the same sire, "Obi", but different dams).

Doc us 8 months old in this picture and Moe is 5 months


Moe is a black/silver longcoated female who is on the small-medium size, but has wonderful movement and very good structure. 


Forrest, 12 years old with Moe, 5 months


Moe, Zeus (Rachel x Kiev), Legolas (Beauty x Ritz) and BoJangles.


Moe, Doc and Legolas


BoJangles and Moe in the background


BoJangles and Zeus