SureFire Shepherds


SureFire Males

Amos Beauregard of Indian Rock, OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows
Sire - Hoodlands Samson V SureFire Ravell, OFA Good/Normal Elbows
Dam - Heidi Moselle of SureFire, OFA Good/Normal Elbows

"Bogey" is a combination of many SureFire Dogs and we are pleased to have him in our Breeding Program. Thank you Indian Rock White Shepherds for allowing us to add Bogey to our Breeding Program.

Co-Owned Males



Surefire Tatsu

OFA Good Prelim and Normal Elbows

Co-owned with Kim Lantz in Idaho

Sire - Oslo of White Energy

Dam - SureFire Blustery Day


Forever in our Hearts and in our breeding Program. 

SureFire has been blessed with some of the best stud dogs of all times.


UKC Grand CH, Intl CH Tumbledown's Super Sonic "Super"
UKC CH SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi "Obi"
UKC CH Legolas of Mirkwood "Lego"
UKC CH Aragorn of Dunedain "Strider"
UKC CH Royal Raphael of SureFire "Raphael"
UKC CH SureFire Anthem of the Sun v. Starr "Jaeger"
UKC CH Tumbledowns Limelight "Ruff"
UKC CH SureFire Order of the Arrow "Sakima"
Israeli CH Incredible Winner Des Bois des Ternes "Lord"
Israeli CH White Ice Wolfs C U Later "Oliver"



Israel CH Incredible Winner Des Bois des Ternes


Oliver - Israel CH White Ice Wolfs CU Later

Israel CH White Ice Wolfs CU Later




UKC Grand CH/IABCA International CH Tumbledowns Super Sonic,

OFA Good H/E, PennHip at 7 years of age - 80th %, MDR1 normal-normal

Frozen semen is available to approved females.

Call Name - "Super"  Super's Pedigree

Sire - AWSA/UKC/WGS CH U-CD Reeves Royal Angus Von Tasz, CDX,TT,HC,CGC, OFA Excellent

Dam - WGS CH Phoenix of Tumbledown, OFA Excellent

Deceased in February of 2008 (he would have turned 13 in two weeks).




UKC CH SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi, "Obi"

White shortcoat Male, carries longcoat recessive

OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows, 100th% PennHIP

CERF and OFA Cardiac - both Certified Normal

Sire - Regalwise Z'Surefire of Juel, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 60th%

Dam - SureFire Gretta, OFA Prelim Good H/E

Breeder/Owner - Rhonda McMahan


Deceased in March of 2014.  He was 13.5 years old. 



"LEGOLAS", an Obi and Super Grandson



Frozen Semen Available

UKC CH/IABCA Intl CH SureFire Legolas of Mirkwood, "Legolas"

HIT, HCT, OFA Good Hips/Elbows, Pennhip 70th%

White plush coated Male, born February 2004

Breeder/Owner - Rhonda McMahan

Legolas's time in Belgium at Luna Legacy.

Legolas's Pedigree



STRIDER, a Doc Son (Super and Obi Grandson)



UKC CH SureFire Aragorn of Dunedain, "Strider"

OFA Prelim Good Hips/Normal Elbows. MDR1 +,+

White Longcoated Male, born February 22nd, 2008

Breeder - Rhonda McMahan and Kim Lantz

Owner - Rhonda McMahan

 Strider passed away 2021

Strider's time in Europe

Strider's Pedigree

Strider's offspring in Europe



"RAPHAEL", an Obi son


UKC CH Royal Raphael of SureFire, "Raphael"

White shortcoated male, carries longcoat recessive

OFA Good Hips/ Normal Elbows

CERF, Cardiac, Patellas - all Certified Normal

Sire - UKC CH SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 90th%

Dam - UKC Grand CH Royal's Cruisin to Destiny, OFA Good H/E, Pennhip 80th%

Breeder - Miranda Reeves, Owner of Sire/Owner - Rhonda McMahan

Raphael's PEDIGREE

Passed away 2018






UKC Ch SureFire Anthem of the Sun v. Starr

OFA Good Hips/Elbows

Sire - SureFire Mr. Mister, OFA Good prelim/Normal Elbows, Pennhip 60th

Dam - Nala Mingan, OFA Excellent/Normal Elbows

Jaeger's Pedigree

Jaeger was co-owned with Brenda Schrader of Von Schraderhaus Kennels and Keslie Joyce.

Jaeger is now deceased.


"RUFF",  sire of Flicka and Valeni


Frozen semen available

UKC CH Tumbledowns LimeLight, "Ruff"

OFA H/E, Pennhip 80th%

White Longcoat Male

Breeder - Tumbledown

SureFire was owner during 2006-2007, now lives in France at Les Gaurdiens du Pacte

Ruff's Pedigree

Sadly, Ruff passed away in late 2013. 




UKC CH SureFire Order of the Arrow, "Sakima", HIC

OFA Prelim

Sire - Rocky

Dam - Flicka

Breeder/Owner - Rhonda McMahan

Sakima's Pedigree







SureFire Elboron of Emyn Arnen, "Prince"

OFA Prelim Hips/Elbows

Sire - SureFire Faramir of Gondor

Dam - SureFire Blustery Day

Breeder/Owner - Rhonda McMahan

Prince's Pedigree

Prince is now in Canada.


"FARAMIR", an Obi and Nala Grandson

Sire of Prince


UKC CH ptd. SureFire Faramir of Gondor, "Faramir"

OFA Prelim Good Hips/Elbows, MDR1 +,-

White Longcoat Male born August 12th, 2007

Sire - UKC CH Regalwise Grandy, OFA Excellent, Pennhip 100th%

Dam - UKC CH ptd. Regalwise Regina of SureFire, OFA Good Hips/Elbows, Pennhip 90th%

Breeder/Owner - Rhonda McMahan

Faramir is now in France.

Faramir's PEDIGREE





SureFire Bahr-S Nash, "Nash"

OFA Good Hips/Elbows

CERF, Cardiac, Patella, BAER Hearing test - All Certified Normal

Sire - UKC CH SureFire Aragorn of Dunedain

Dam - Bahr-S SureFire Sophie's Choice

Breeder/Owner - Rhonda McMahan

Nash is in Europe