Surefire Shepherds

Pedigree Information

Our current White Shepherd Breeding Program:



FLASH - Fire-Gun Des Gardiens Du Pacte, FCI Import from France living at SureFire - UKC Reg.

OSLO - Oslo of White Energy - FCI Import from Germany living at SureFire - UKC Reg.
STRIDER - UKC CH SureFire Aragorn of Dunedain - (Doc x Sadie) Back at SureFire after two years in Europe!
RAPHAEL - UKC CH Royal Raphael v SureFire, - (Obi x Desi) living at SureFire
HERO - UKC CH Regalwise Hero, (Kruger x Serenade) living at SureFire




HELI - Zelmarian Helimadoe Taien, FCI Import from the Czech Repub., UKC Reg.
FEVER - Fever-Forever Des Gardiens Du Pacte, FCI Import from France, UKC Reg.
GENNA - Genna Des Gardiens Du Pacte, FCI Import from France arriving in 2013
WHIENDY - SureFire Blustery Day - (Leonardo x Nala) an Obi great granddaughter
IZZY - UKC CH SureFire Enchanted Izzy (Leonardo x Justy) an Obi granddaughter
EOWYN - UKC CH SureFire Eowyn of Rohan - (Korbin x Emmy) an Obi great granddaughter
JUBILEE - SureFire Jubilation ( Sailor x Justy) an Obi granddaughter
MARDI - SureFire Mardi-Gras (Sailor x Justy) an Obi granddaughter



JAEGER - UKC CH SureFire Anthem of the Sun v. Starr,  living at Von Schraderhaus, Co-owned with Brenda Schrader of Von Schraderhaus
ROHAN - UKC CH SureFire Eomer of Rohan- (Korbin x Emmy), Co-owned with April in Washington


RYUJIN - SureFire Ryujin (Whiendy x Oslo), FOR SALE

TATSU - SureFire Tatsu (Whiendy x Oslo), FOR SALE


RELLA - UKC CH Regalwise Gabriella - (Grandy x Irene)
OBI UKC CH SureFire Obi-Wan Kinobi - (Zorro x Gretta) Back at SureFire after five years in Europe, living out his retirement here with his breeder.



All white shepherds originally have a colored German Shepherd Dog history.  Although the SureFire breeding program is now exclusively white, OUR PAST consists of many dark shepherds in addition to white shepherds.  We include their pedigrees here so you can research our bloodlines and see where we came from.

Dogs we have used in our breeding program but that live in other homes, are retired or are deceased:

UKC CH SureFire Shogun (Obi x Lujah), living in Japan
UKC CH SureFire Rumble in the Jungle (Valeni x Obi), living in Mexico
UKC CH SureFire Gust of Wind FWS, (Ruff x Moose ), retired in pet home
UKC CH ptd. SureFire Bahr-S Nash, (Strider x Sophie), living in Europe
SureFire Special Forces -  (outcross pedigree), living in Europe
Ve-lins Migrl Lakota - (Dakota x Lexus), deceased in 2012
UKC CH ptd. Bahr-S What's Up Doc of SureFire , retired in Idaho
UKC CH ptd. SureFire Cayden of Zentopia, deceased in 2012
UKC CH Starr's Regalwise SureFire Reflection (Ruff x Justy), now living in France
 Starr's Kyla Ann of SureFire   (Sailor x Justy), now lives in Idaho
SureFire Elboron of Emyn Arnen (Faramir x Whiendy) - currently in Canada
UKC CH SureFire Order of the Arrow - currently in Europe
Regalwise Leonardo v SureFire, now living in France with Benedicte
UKC CH Royal Nala-Pride of SureFire "Nala", now retired
SureFire Miss Chevrolet, "Chevy", deceased in 2011
UKC CH Tumbledowns LimeLight, "Ruff", now living in France with Benedicte
Goldfield's Lilith of Darkside, "Lil" , now living with Ranelle Abbott of Abbott German Shepherds, in AZ
Ve-Lins Black Magic Oprah "Oprah", deceased
Regalwise Z'SureFire of Juel "Zorro", deceased in 2012
Brita von Barnd of SureFire "Brita", deceased
Spencer's SureFire Sheba "Sheba",  Deceased
Shewana Rascal Regalwise "Rascal", deceased
SureFire Cherokee Rain "Rainey", now spayed and retired from breeding
SureFire Liberty Belle "Liberty", deceased
Juel's Deja-Vu of SureFire "Deja", lives with the Theiss family in Dallas, OR
SureFire Smokey Shadows "Smokey", living in Longview, WA in a pet home
SureFire's Gretta "Gretta", Deaceased
SureFire Cherokee Angel "Cherokee", Deceased.
Brutus Minus, "Mr. B",  Deceased
 Anscots LeMeko "Meko",  Deceased.

Sure Fire Chelsey "Chelsey", Deceased

Igor von der Bellinger Warte, "Igor", Retired, now in a pet home in Oregon
Randie vom Wustegarten, "Randie", deceased
Jamin Zeke Martin, "Zeke", living with Tina in Northern Washington State.
SureFire JoMeko "Jo-Jo", has been retired from breeding and placed in a pet home.
SureFire Trinity of Goldfield "Trinity" , Deceased
Regalwise Rachel v Raebark ,"Rachel" , Decesased
SureFire Gail of the Abyss, "Abigail", retired and in a pet home in Idaho
SureFire Meka Moose, "Meka", deaseased in 2012
Seeku's Anacortes of SureFire, "Anna", now retired and living in Idaho.
SureFire Return of the King, "King", living in Holland
Jenny's Satori at Goldfield, "Satori", now living with Ranelle Abbott of Abbott German Shepherds, in AZ
SureFire Roxy Raven, "Raven", with her former owner, Jessie
SureFire Dancing Destiny "Destiny", living in Washington in a pet home
UKC CH SureFire Super Polka-Dot "Dottie", living in Portland, OR in a pet home
UKC CH ptd. SureFire I-5 Cirobi v. Owen, "Fivers", went to a pet home in California, now deceased
UKC CH ptd. SureFire Kiara-Pride of Nala - living in Canada
Bahr-S SureFire Sophie's Choice  - living in China with Zhi Liu
UKC CH SureFire Ravelle Regalwise - retired
UKC Grand CH Starr's Need a Miracle v. SureFire (Obi x Sugar), Lived at SureFire for three years, now in a pet home
UKC CH Regalwise Reba Arriba of SureFire -  in a pet home in Oregon
UKC CH SureFire Regalwise Rodeo Starr, - in France with Benedicte
UKC CH Ve-Lin's Kasa v SureFire (Boodah x Lakota), living in Europe
UKC CH Hallmark Hollywood of SureFire (Super x Haley), living in Europe
UKC Grand CH SureFire Stella Blue Moon, "Sapphire", now owned by Sydney Taylor of Parson's Creek


 Outside Studs we have used:
Poorboy's Nanook of the North "Nook", owned by Kim Waddell of Poorboy Farms, in Longview, WA
Barh-S VonKiev "Kiev", owned by Betty Jo Smith of Bahr-S Shepherds, located in Yakima, WA


Outside Females we have bred our studs to and kept puppies from:
Cira vom Schneeberg "Cira", now spayed and retired, owned by the Owen family at McChord AFB, WA
Hera of Tilton River "Hera", now spayed and retired, owned by the Humphrey family in Morton, WA
"Kande"  -  UKC/IABCA Int'l Ch/ARBA Ch. pointed Regalwise Oreo, HIC, OFA H/E/Ca/Th,  MDR1 and Health Merit
"Haley"  -  UKC GRCH Celestial Haley's Comet Von Tasz, CGC, TDI, HIC(d/s/g), PennHip, OFA H/E/Ca/Th