SureFire Shepherds is a proud participant in the White German Shepherd Genetics Project.  Please visit their website to learn more about this very valuable program.

We recommend all owners of White Shepherds, pet or show quality, participate in this genetics program.  Thank you for your help.



Clubs, Associations and Breeders we recommend and people we trust and respect:


White Shepherds...
Two puppy owners who have done a wonderful job displaying the love they feel for their dogs:

Betty's Blog -  A wonderful collection of stories about the White Shepherds owned by Betty Tanner.  Most recently - stories of Journey, an Obi x Rella male puppy.

Andega's Beethoven -  The story of Beethoven, a longcoated White Shepherd, owned by Claudia Sanchez, bred by Andega Shepherds and out of parents bred by SureFire.
Von Schrader's White Shepherds -, Located near Chicago, Illinois.

Brenda Schrader has whites and darks, with excellent temperaments and health certifications.  We highly recommend Von Schrader Kennels.  We co-own Jaeger with them.

Parsons Creek Shepherds - Located in Springfield, Oregon.

SureFire Shepherds highly recommends Parsons Creek Shepherds. The owner, Sydney Taylor, has established herself as a responsible White Shepherd breeder who puts health and temperament first.  Her dogs are beautiful and well cared for.  Over the years, several SureFire dogs have resided at Parsons Creek and been used in their breeding program.  Surefire Stella Blue Starr, "Saffy" (out of our Nala x Obi) is now a Grand Champion and received a BIMBS award at the show in Madras, Oregon and it was Sydney's hard work and dedication that attributed to this well deserved award.  Also see Sully, a young male longcoat bred by SureFire (Whiendy x Sakima).  Sully has also achieved his Grand Championship and received a RBIMBS at the Longview Show in February 2012.  Congratulations Sully!


WarKings Shepherds - Located in New York.

Kim King at WarKings Shepherds is a long time friend/white shepherd enthusiast, who we met through our association with the clubs.  She has been involved in the breed since 2000 and is diligent about getting health clearances and believes in earning both conformation and obedience titles on her dogs.  She has excellent quality dogs, including a nice young male from our SureFire line.  Kim is an honest and trustworthy person in her dealings with people and treats her dogs like part of the family.  We are confident in recommending WarKings Shepherds to others.


Einzig Shepherds - Located near Redmond, Oregon

Cathy and Scott Norlin have a nice breeding program established and are active in showing.  They provide wonderful care for their dogs and are making us very proud with some of our puppies.  They have a Leo x Justy daughter, a Destiny x Raphael daughter and two females from Starr Shepherds .  We expect great things in the future from their breeding program.  We recently placed two of our young males on co-ownership with Einzig shepherds - Samson, a black/cream longcoated male and Rohan a standard coat white male.


Starr Shepherds - Keslie Joyce and her daughter,  Winter Shepard, located in Salem, OR 

Where Sugar and Justy, who are both now retired,  live.  Sugar is out of a litter we raised in 2002 and Sugar was the only white one in the litter and is the mother to Justy.  Justy is out of our male, Obi.  SureFire co-owned Justy for a couple of years and we like her so well that we have included many of her offspring in our current bloodlines - Kyla (Jaeger litter), Flicka (Ruff litter), Izzy (Babar litter) and Mardi and Jubilee,  from Justy's last litter with Sailor.


PoorBoy Farms - Dale and Kim Waddell, located in Longview, WA

Good friends and wonderful dogs.  See Meko's brother Max and one of Ace's granddaughters, Lexus, and their offspring. PoorBoy Farms also has Kahnica who has been bred to Obi twice.  They also own one of Super's best sons, Nanook.


Noblewood Kennels -  Located in New York.

Noblewood has two white shepherd females purchased from SureFire, both who we are quite proud of.  "Reggie" is out of our Nala and Obi and "Ariel" is out of Dottie and Ruff.  Ariel has finished her UKC Championship and Reggie is being trained for the obedience ring.  Noblewood is owned by Linda and Ralph Machorro. 


Wugaboo Kennels - The Stevens Family, located in Vancouver, WA.

The home of Zenzi, a Meka x Obi, beautiful Black/Silver female.  Please visit their link and see Zenzi and her litter of puppies with Mufasa. 


Regalwise White Shepherds -

Ronda Beaupre of Regalwise is located in Kansas and SureFire Shepherds began a professional breeding relationship with Regalwise many years ago when we purchased Super, Rascal and Rachel.    In 2006 we purchased Ruff, Liza and Leo and they have produced nicely for us, adding greatly to our breeding program.  Ronda Beaupre is a wealth of information and is a very reputable breeder.   I have learned much from our many conversations over the years.  In 2008 Regalwise retired from breeding.  The White Shepherd world will greatly miss Ronda Beaupre's contributions to the breed.  Her Regalwise shepherds will live on in the offspring that they have produced.  We are proud to have several Regalwise dogs here at SureFire - Rella from Regalwise, was added to our group of dogs in November of 2008.  Thank you to Ronda for all that you have done for the breed!


Dark Shepherds ...
Patchwork Shepherds  - Located in Emmett, Idaho.

Patchwork specializes in Longcoated DARK shepherds with import lines.  The temperament of their dogs is very good.  Most are at the high end of the standard for size and the bone structure is solid.  We co-own Boss with Patchwork.  Boss is a beautiful RED sable longcoated male who we imported from Holland in 2004.  Patchwork produces dogs that are beautiful and highly intelligent.  We recommend them with confidence.


Von Sudlich Shepherds -, Located in Graham, WA.

If you are searching for the best in AKC showlines, this is the breeder to go to.  We have visited her place many times and she the nicest showline GSDs we have found in this area.  We have a beautiful young male from her outstanding stud dog, "Buck", who we purchased for our Standhaft Breeding program (our colored line) and we truly couldn't be happier with him.  He is everything we had hoped for.  Excellent structure, fabulous temperament and great intelligence - that is what you will find at Von Sudlich, a dog who has it all!


Von Wenger German Shepherds Located in Hesperia, California.

Obi and Trinity offspring live here with Linda Wenger.  Linda also has import lines of excellent quality.  We have two black/tans (Lobo and Leta)  from Von Wenger, who we are quite impressed with.  See our Standhaft Website to see these beautiful pups. 


And Abroad...

USDA Export Requirements per country


FRANCE - Les Gardiens Du Pacte. -

UKC CH Tumbledown's LimeLight (Ruff, Regalwise Leonardo v SureFire, Regalwise Lil Liza Jane v Surefire and SureFire Rodeo Starr  now live in FRANCE with Benedicte. 

We have kept offspring from Ruff, Leo Liza and Rodeo in our bloodlines (Flicka, Izzy, Nenya and Trigger).


FRANCE -  Le Bois Des Ternes Elevage du bois des Ternes


BELGIUM -  Luna Legacy


BELGIUM -  Van Vlerckensteyn


HOLLAND -   Erijane - Erijane Duitse Witte Herder Kennel


FINLAND - Kennel Angry Brigades

White Shepherd breeder in Finland.  Where Obi went to live for five years and where two of our pups, Bo (Ponu) and Cameo (Kamu) live.  Bo is a an Obi son out of Meko and Cameo is an Obi son out of Nala.

They also have some dark shepherds from our kennel - both Babar and Daria now live here.


GERMANY - White Energy

White Shepherd breeder in Germany.  Two of our puppies from the Flicka x Sailor litter live here.


CANADA - Luna's Kennel, Located in Quebec, Canada

Luna's Kennel breed both white and dark shepherds exclusively for their ability to work and be reliable family companions.  We are proud that several of our dogs reside here and have been used in their breeding program. Simon Cloutier is the owner and our dealings with him have been pleasant and he has been very good to his word.  We highly recommend Luna's Kennel.

CANADA  - Andega Shepherds -

Andega Shepherds is a Quality White Shepherd breeding program.  Three of our SureFire dogs live here and we know they are treated like kings and queens!


CANADA - Polabearas White Shepherds -

Dark and white shepherds, located in Canada.  Karen has wonderful dogs with great pedigrees, including one young male from our bloodlines.


AUSTRALIA - Neigepearl White Shepherds

Australian Breeder that has frozen semen from our stud, Super.  The first litter conceived by A.I. in the White Shepherd breed in Australia was born in 2005!  Super is the proud SIRE! 


AUSTRALIA - Alpinarc White Swiss Shepherd Dogs

Australian Breeder that owns Myah, one of Obi's daughters We imported Myah to Australia in 2005.  Myah has produced two gorgeous litters with their outstanding male, Ice.


AUSTRALIA - Fanuilos White Shepherds -

Australian Breeder who has a Myah daughter, named Freyja and had a litter with Super's frozen semen and their gorgeous girl, Elli. 

Their tribute to Super -



Club websites I find informative and recommend:



FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale - the registry that our imported dogs are registered wtih.


 AWSA - American White Shepherd Association -  We are members of this breed club.


UWSC - United White Shepherd Club, the breed club for the UKC White Shepherd breed.   We are members of this breed club.


WSCC  -    White Shepherd Club Of Canada - sister club of the AWSA.


UKC -  United Kennel Club - http://www.ukcdogs.comWhere our white shepherds are allowed to be registered as a separate breed.  My whites are registered with the UKC as White Shepherds and are shown at UKC shows.  Super has his UKC Grand Championship, Nala, Obi, Cameo, Dottie, Raphael, Rodeo, Ravelle and Strider all have their UKC Championship.  Flicka and Ritz are UKC pointed.  

Link to Events -

Link to get a TL (if you dog is not yet registered with the UKC -

Top Ten Listings for current year -  American Kennel Club - Where white shepherds can be shown in obedience, agility and other events.  Unfortunately whites are disqualified from showing in conformation events with this club.  PennHip University  Where our PennHip x-rays go for evaluation.  ***Very informative website - Please take the time to read their articles! Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Where you can get info about hip/elbow status of OFAd dogs.  Also a great site for general info about dysplasia, etc.  International All Breed Canine Association - Where white shepherds show as a separate breed.  Written critiques are given to every dog shown.  Super and Nala both have their Championships with this club. Showing with the IABCA was a very rewarding experience.   Dog Show Pictures  - WSCC/AWSA Show Results and Pictures

Miscellaneous Links Handy link to check driving distance from one city to another.  You can also check the closest airport to any given city.

Health Links

Umbilical Hernias and Late Closing Umbilicus (two different things) -

Giardia - diagnosis and treatment -

Coccidia - diagnosis and treatment -



More to come, as I have time to add....

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