Lilith and Zorro puppies born 1-21-04. 

9 puppies - black, black/silver bi-color and white.  

All puppies are placed.

Lilith is the mother

Zorro is the sire 

Here are the puppies at 5 weeks of age...

Green Collar Bi-color Black/Silver Male-Going to Medford, OR

Another of Green Collar Male


Purple Collar Black Female-placed, livinig in Washington State

Another of Purple Collar Female

Dark Blue Collar Black Male-Placed, living in Portland Oregon with a Zorro daughter from Meko's litter several years ago.


Another of Dark Blue Collar Male

Light Blue Collar Black/Silver Male - Placed, living in California

Another of Light Blue Male


Yellow Collar Black/Silver Female-Placed, living in Texas

Another of Yellow Female

Red Collar Bi-color Black/silver Male-Reserved, going to Wisconsin

Another of Red Male

White Collar Black/Silver Female, Placed in Utah


Another of White Female

Pink Collar Black/Silver Female, Placed in Utah with her sister above.

No Collar White Male-Staying at SureFire

SureFire Mark of Zorro, call name "Markis"

Another of the white male

Here are a few pictures showing his odd black stripe

The black stripe extends to the inside of his leg.



Here are the puppies when they were first born...

Lil and all her babies.

The last pup born, a white male with an odd black stripe.