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Leah x Superman
 May 17th, 2019
One shortcoated male puppy Available

Eight puppies, 6 males (Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple and Turquoise) and 2 females (Pink and Yellow)
All puppies are short coated but some are plushier than others.  All puppies have excellent black pigment and very white coats. 
Black, Red and Blue are the feisty boys.
Green, Turquoise and Purple are the calmer boys.
Yellow and Pink girl are both medium tempered and on the calmer side, with Pink being the independent one in the litter.
All puppies are friendly and outgoing and want attention from us, following us all around the yard, wanting to be picked up.  They are socialized with other dogs and children.
Puppies are UKC registered as White Shepherds and priced at $1,200 for a pet contract.
AKC Registration is available for Show/Breeding contract for $1,800.
Puppies are vaccinated, de-wormed, microchipped and have been vet checked.
Active Duty and Retired Military receive a 10% discount.  Thank you for your service.
Repeat puppy buyers also receive a 10% discount. Thank you for coming back to us.

One puppy still available - Purple boy.

Leah with Green boy

Leah with Blue boy
Black boy
Blue boy
Red boy
Purple boy
Purple boy is just as adorable as the others. 
But was out investigating the yard
and I didn't get as many pictures of him.  Sorry!
Turquoise boy
Pink girl
Pink girl is very photogenic!
Yellow girl