SureFire Shepherds began in 1989 with Sure Fire Chelsey, a black/cream shepherd of great beauty and intelligence.  Chelsey lived a long life of 15 years with no health problems and is still greatly missed.  She produced beautiful black/silvers who went on to produce gorgeous white shepherds with the same beauty and intelligence as their grandmother, only with the pure white coat.  The addition of Tumbledown Super Sonic, a stunning white shepherd male, to our breeding program completed the look we were striving for and added much to our breeding program.  "Super" was our Foundation sire and he and his Grandson, Surefire Obi Wan Kinobi, set the look of our SureFire line and combined with our existing Surefire line made it what it is today.  As the breed of White Shepherd became more popular through out the world, and eventually became a separate breed in the FCI European countries, we closed our SureFire Breeding program to colored dogs and bred only white to white to establish a White Shepherd line with the distinct look of our SureFire breeding program. Today we primarily breed the white color, through our SureFire bloodlines, although still produce an occasional dark colored German Shepherd litter (specifically black/silvers, silver sables and solid blacks) under the breeding program name of Standhaft Shepherds, a separate breeding program.  Our desire for our SureFire line is to produce white shepherds with the same working ability of the colored shepherds but with the beauty of the pure white coat and dark pigment, recognizing that the White Shepherd, known as White Swiss Shepherd or Berger Blanc Suisse world wide, is a distinct breed of dog and differs slightly in structure from the German Shepherd breed that it originated from.  Our dogs are family dogs and excel at Obedience, Agility, Herding, Search/Rescue and are naturally good watchdogs and companions. 




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Rhonda J. McMahan